Bruce III

Bruce Hartford the Turd
Omaha, Nebraska

I was born on Friday, September 30, 1977 which makes me Libra.
I am a male with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

My Jewel Story:
Mtv. Her talent stunned me in quite a surprising way. Rarely will I get the treat of shivers down my spine from a good song, but Jewel provided this stimulation often. For that, I was a fan.
I unsubscribed to the Jewel mailing list a few months ago. Although I might tell you it was because the mail was too excessive that wouldn't be the full truth. The truth is I had envisioned Jewel as someone she wasn't. I was let down when I found out I was wrong. Although my high expectations are my fault and not hers, her real attitude has prevented me from continuing as a devoted fan. Unfortunately knowing what I know about her personality makes enjoying her talent nearly impossable.

Although I cringe at my ignorance I was rewarded with a very valuable experience. Being an Everyday Angel was wonderful in every sense of the word. There are great people associated with that list and very dedicated fans. Although no one is perfect, I believe those people came closer than anyone I have met. I apologize for the time of thiers I have wasted with my idle ramblings just as I apologize to you for these paragraphs.


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