Johann Carlos Torres
College Place, WA

I was born on Wednesday, March 19, 1975 which makes me Pisces.
I am a male with Brown hair and Green eyes.

My Jewel Story:
I had heard Jewel singing before in MT-V singing 'who will save you soul' or something like that. Well I didn't pay that much attention to that song. Last week I heard in the radio 'you were meant to be for me' I think that's how you call it, and I heard it and heard it but I couldn't figure out who was singing. I record it it, because the lirysc were too deep and special for me. I shared a song with a friend from Florida. She told me that her name was Jewel. Then she decided to buy the CD for me and she send it. I just received it today. It is just a great piece of song. Now I feel like I have a Jewel in my heart.
This is a great homepage. Keep it up! Hope she comes bye in tour in Washington.

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