Tien Dang

Tien Dang
Houston, Texas

IRC Nick RiceBoy

I am a male with Black hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in January, 1997

My Jewel Story:
It was the summer of 96 when I started to really get into Jewel.
I heard of her music before and all but had no time because of school to
really get into her music. Then came the summer and MTV and VH1 played
her WWSYS video almost everyday and I was hooked. There is something
magical about her that drew me in. In November the album edit of
YWMFM came out and it totally blew me away.
I think it was November of 96, I missed seeing Jewel by 10 minutes.
Jewel was in Houston to do something for a radio station or something.
I was driving to the Galleria (Mall) to buy stuff when I hear on some
radio station that Jewel has just left the Galleria. She was just there to buy
a purse or something. She was also in Houston on DEC.10 or 12, and I couldn't
win tickets from the radio station to see her. Maybe one of these days
I'll see her live in person.

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