Bill P. (Rael)

William Pompilii
Willow Grove, PA, USA

IRC Nick Rael

I was born on Monday, November 1, 1971 which makes me Scorpio.
I am a male with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in April, 1996

My Jewel Story:
It was February 1996, I heard this song called Who Will Save
Your Soul on the radio. I thought "WOW". It sounded so new and
fresh like something I've never heard before. Little did I know that
the song had been released a whole year earlier. Of course the dj forget
to mention who this angelic voice was singing this incredible song. A
day or two went by and then I saw the video on VH-1. I felt myself
being drawn to Jewel. Without knowing what I was doing I went to the
store, waltzed in, picked up Pieces of You, paid for it, walked out, went
home, listened to it, listened to it again, listened to it again. I
must have listened to it 5 times straight. I couldn't believe how
incredible it was. The cd has rarely left my player since I bought it!
Over the next couple of weeks I started to research her over the internet.
Then, I signed up to the mailing list and became an Everyday Angel...
I am proud to be included in this community! It is honest, fun, real,
and the people in it are true Angels, just like Jewel.

"We are Everyday Angels..."

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