Bruce III

Bruce Hartford the Turd
Omaha, Nebraska

I was born on Friday, September 30, 1977 which makes me Libra.
I am a male with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

My Jewel Story:
Like many of you I first encountered Jewel via the TV. Very impressed by her and her sound I bought her album. Was subsiquently surprised to see a twelve year old sing that good. Found out she was much older than she looked. Became a little less impressed, but a fan none-the-less. Proceeded to give out hand made fliers to all the college students at Neb. Generation X's mecca "The Old Market". (I assumed I was the only person who was aware of her and felt that I should sell her to Neb. Hey, I'm cute when I'm naive.) Recently I played a few of her songs in a Godfathers down at the "Market". I got a great response and told the twenty or so people to go buy her album. I hope they listened...
Jewel knows what she's doing, people should attempt to take that lead...

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