Stony Point, NY

I was born on Monday, December 23, 1974 which makes me Capricorn.
I am a female with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in August, 1995

My Jewel Story:
A friend of mine knows a college D.J. who had some connections at
Atlantic Records. This D.J. got to interview Jewel over the radio
back in early spring of 1995 for his college. He gave us copies of
Save the Linoleum to listen to and we were hooked. He also got us tickets
to see her open for Peter Murphy in August 1995. The rest is history...
i have been lucky enough to see Jewel in concert 4 more times, and i got
to chat with her briefly and snap a picture with her when she came to
Penn State.
I had to take a 4 month hiatus from Everyday Angels, and unfortunately
i missed out on JewelStock. What fate, huh? But it is good to be

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