Nghia Dang
Melbourne, Australia

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in September, 1996

My Jewel Story:
Early one morning I switched on the tv (early 96) and saw that the
late show with Dave Letterman was on.. (It gets aired around 1am - 2am
or so in Australia). Anyway, I turn on the tv and see a blonde girl
singing and playing a big acoustic blue guitar. At the time she was
playing WWSYS ..and i only caught the last part of the song.
Dave letterman more often than not shoves in the musicians
at the end of the show. So..when the show ended, i didn't know who the
hell was singing..but remembered the tune...
It wasn't til a month or two later that whilst watching a music
show on a saturday morning at about 3-4am that i heard the familiar
guitar tune..this time hidden behind a bass and drums..The voice remained
unmistakable..and this time i managed to catch her name...
I remember doing an internet search on Jewel and found a couple
of really small homepage sites..But none mentioned the mailing list.
It wasn't til about a month or so ago that i saw Jewel again on letterman
(really early in the morning once again). It wasn't long after
that i stumbled across the list..and so here i am writing this.
Why is it that guys wear their underwear on the outside, they're
labelled a hero ?

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