Akansas city,KS

I was born on Wednesday, April 22, 1981 which makes me a 37 year old Taurus.
I am a female with Brown hair and Green eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in July, 1998

My Jewel Story:
I saw the video for who will save your soul,it was a good song/video.I started to pay attention to her when you where meant for me came out.then after that I started to love her music.I tryed to buy her cd.They were sold out.In 4 diff. cities I went to.I went out of town and then I finally got it.I listen to it at least once a day!!My fav. song??Near you always,angel standing by,sensetive and also the morning song.I love them all.And I just got A night without armor-If you don't have it Get it....My fav. is on page 124 check it out.After reading the book I got a pen and started to write some poetry-Not as good as her's though.

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