janelle v.
miami,fl usa

I was born on Thursday, August 21, 1986 which makes me a 32 year old Leo.
I am a female with Brown hair and Hazel eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in July, 1998

My Jewel Story:
i was at my sisters job and she was listening to
the cd and i heard the music and it was like all
of a sudden i wasn't in that room i wasn't on that
earth i was somewhere in space where everything
was beautiful and everything i said was beautiful
and everything i saw was beautiful and the way
i looked was beautiful and it was like nothing
bad could happen to me anymore. i love jewel so much
she has saved my entire life and as i write this
letter tears of love for her are running down
my face. thank you

i think that this club is so awesome that everyone
who loves jewel can just be together and talk about
here and always get the latest newes on her it is
just so wonderful i love it!

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