Stagger Lee

Brian Cuthbertson

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in December, 1995

My Jewel Story:
I first saw Jewel when she opened up for Belly and Catherine Wheel here in Pittsburgh, at Metropol. That was in October of 95. Of course I was instantly hooked and became a mucho grande, big horkin Jewel FANatic. I bought her CD and joined the list immediately, staying on all last school year. Unfortunately, I signed off for the summer, so I missed the whole JEWELSTOCK thing. Damn Klingons! I know I shouldn't blame the Klingons, but there just so....gauche. Anyways, I saw Jewel again in May, at Metropol, front row center. Might I add that I was very impressed with Duncan Sheik, especially the way he scarfed that Primanti Bros. sandwich after the show! (Pittsburghers will know what I'm talking about...mmmm....Kielbasi).

It would be great to hear from any fans here in the burg. I just realized that I now have two entries in the yearbook...ummm oops? Whoops make that four. JANE! Stop this crazy thing!!! If whoever is in charge of this place can do it, please delete all my entries except this one. MAN!

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