Gerrit's Black Dimension BBS

The Black Dimension BBS

The BBS is no longer up. The Black Dimension was up in Southern California (Fullerton) from 1991 until July of 1993 when I left to college. The Black Dimension then re-emerged in December of 1994 in the California Bay Area (Mountain View) until the end of May of 1995 when I moved to Sunnyvale, and then back to New York (Rochester) in August of 1995.
The Black Dimension of '91-'93

Features Included: The only node was first run on a IBM PS/2 8086 computer with WWiV v4.20 software being modified (registered) by me with a 2400 modem. I upgraded my modem to a 9600 baud when 14.4k's came out. I then upgraded to WWiV v4.21 and started hacking away at it, more than tripling the size of the source code and expanding the features exponentialy. Later, I upgraded my modem further to a Supra Internal 14.4k modem.
The Black Dimension of '94-'95

Features Included: The dedicated node was run on a 486dx2/66 server with an external 28.8k Practical Peripherals modem. The second node was run on a 386dx/40 server with an internal 14.4k Packard Bell modem. The third node was run on a 286 client with an external 14.4k Practical Peripherals modem.
Future Plans

I currently have acquired Borland C++ v2.0 for OS/2 and OS/2 Warp. I have always loved OS/2 for it's functionality although you must be quite knowledgable about the computer and system to utilize it effectively. I will be completely rewriting Hysteria for OS/2. It will be completely configurable with multiple default configurations for easy installation. I am definitely going to make a multi-node version for OS/2 and will probably make a one-node version for DOS that will be able to communicate with the OS/2 machines if they are networked together.

To find out more about Hysteria, e-mail me.
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