Gerrit's 1995 Concert Experiences


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One of my favorite bands, Live, put on a concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA on August 13th in their 1995 summer tour of the United States with P.J. Harvey and Veruca Salt. The light show was more than decent and the second best one (Sarah's still rules!). Although Veruca Salt and P.J. Harvey were a little bit dissapoitning to me, I still enjoyed Veruca Salt a lot. The problem was that Veruca Salt played there music way too loud for the volume at which they were singing. Live put on an awesome performance playing songs from both of their albums and also a new song which I believe he named "Cheater." Both Veruca Salt and P.J. Harvey played for a little less than an hour each while Live played for almost two hours. With all the breaks, we were there for over four and a half hours. I recommend anyone who likes Live at all to check out the tour dates and prepare to be impressed! You may also want to see the tour dates to P.J. Harvey or Veruca Salt.

My most favorite band, The Cranberries, put on a concert at Berkely Community Theatre in California on April 5th in their 1995 tour of the United States. I bought the tickets less than forty minutes after they went on sale but still ended up in the 40th row (Orchestra Center). The light show wasn't as spectacular as the Sarah McLachlan concert, but overall, the concert was awesome! During the beginning, she sang two new songs, the first of which she called "Ideas, John Lennon". The other one I believe was called "Suicidal", though I cannot be sure. She put on one encoure of four songs beginning with a new song called "War Child" and ending with my favorite song, "Dreams". Check out their tour dates for their 1995 tour and go to one of their concerts!

I also went to Toad the Wet Sprocket on March 7th, 1995 in San Jose at the SJSU Event Center. Regardless of the fact that their songs tend to be depressing, Toad really rocked the place! They concluded with Fall Down before continuing onto two encoures which concluded with Walk on the Ocean, and I Will Not Take These Things for Granted respectively. You should definitely check out their tour dates and go have an awesome time with Toad the Wet Sprocket and Hootie and the Blowfish!

I went to the first Sarah McLachlan concert in her 1995 American Tour on March 2nd, 1995 in San Fransisco and LOVED it! Her light show was spectacular. It was definitely the best I have ever seen. I suggest that anyone that has the chance to go to one of her concerts, check out the tour dates, and go for it! It was awesome! We got three encoures for a total of three hours including Paula Cole playing as the opening act.

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